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The Hands-Free Portable Breast Pump

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Sage 2 Is The Secret To 

Your Breast Pumping Success

Imagine the freedom of being able to go anywhere and do anything you want while pumping. No more limitations of a regular breast pump.

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Sage 2 Features


Imitates your baby's natural sucking behavior to optimize milk production. 


Innovative suction technology for efficient, quiet, and comfortable pumping.


Long battery life, 6-8+ sessions a day and recharges quickly. Five different suction levels and a massage mode.


With just a few parts and only 3 easy steps. Dishwasher safe, food grade materials, BPA-free.

The Next-Gen Breast Pump

Sage 2 gives you medical grade suction on the go. Created so you can get things done while pumping. It's easy and convenient to use at home, at work, outdoors, in your car, on vacation, or wherever your day takes you.

Increase Your Milk Supply

Innovative suction technology allows you to get up to 7 ounces of milk in less than 15 minutes. That's 2 times faster than traditional pumps.

Quiet & Discreet

The small, portable size means you won't feel exposed when pumping at work or in public. People won't even know you're pumping! It is quiet enough to use in a library.

New Massage Mode!

• Relieves pain and discomfort while pumping

• Softens breast before feeding to help flow

• Improves milk flow while pumping

• Unblocks painful plugged ducts

  • Fits In Your Bra

  • Medical Grade Suction

  • Comfortable & Easy To Use

  • No Cords, No Tubes, No Fuss

  • Quick To Assemble, Easy To Clean 

  • Hands-Free (Get things done while pumping)

New Massage Mode!

• Relieves pain and discomfort while pumping

• Softens breast before feeding to help flow

• Improves milk flow while pumping

• Unblocks painful plugged ducts

What's included in a pump kit?

1 × Sage™ Pump

1 × Instruction Manual

1 × 24mm Flange (Additional sizes sold separately)

1 × Silicone Diaphragm

1 × Linker

2 × Duckbill Valve

1 × Milk Collecting Cup

1 × Bra Adjustment Buckle

1 × USB Charging Cable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this covered by insurance?

Many of our customers received full or partial reimbursement for a Sage Pump and accessories through insurance. Each company has its own policy and every plan is different. Please consult with your plan administrator.

Will this work for larger breasts?

Yes! This breast pump is suitable for all breast sizes. The pump is designed to fit inside any standard bra, so breast size does not matter.

Do I need a special bra to use?

No, this wearable breast pump is designed to be worn with your standard bra or nursing bra. 

The pump also includes an extendable bra adjuster in case you need to create more room. 

What size flange does it come with?

The pump comes with a 24mm flange. You can buy an additional flange kit that includes 17, 19, and 21mm flanges. Click here

How much can it hold?

It can hold up to 6 ounces.

Do I have to be sitting while pumping?

Of course not! Our pump allows you to move around and do whatever you want while pumping! No more being tied down to wired pumps.

How many suction levels does it have?

There are 5 different suction levels so you can find that perfect level for yourself. There is even a massage mode!

How is this powered?

It is rechargeable by any standard USB. It lasts over 120 minutes on a single charge.

What if I don't end up liking it?

We are very confident you will love our breast pump! However, if you don't for any reason, we offer a no risk 90 day money back guarentee!
I have a question that wasn't on here, can you help?

Absolutely, please send an email to our support team at support@sagemoms.co and we will promptly get back to you. Our support team is available 24/7.